“Turkish Household Appliances Suppliers Team (TURKHAS)” has been established…

Turkish Household Appliances Suppliers Team (TURKHAS) Project, in other words, Development Project for International Competition is a practice that has been brought over to our Association under the leadership of the IMMIB and it is a project that covers works with regards to increasing of competitiveness abroad in groups as being based on conglomeration. Invitation for participation for this project has been sent over to all of the members of BEYSAD by our Association and members who have wished to participate, have decided to be included in the program. ‘ Not only our members have been included in the group because it is a IMMIB Project but 2 other companies which supply the White Appliance industry and who are not our members but requested to be members, have also been included in the group.

The first meeting of the project was organised on 3rd of January 2012 at Foreign Trade Complex of Exporters Assembly. The meeting was chaired by our member of the Management Board of BEYSAD, Mr. Atilla Eren and also on behalf of the Management Board of  IMMIB Electric Electronic  Exporters Assembly. Members of Management Board of Besim Oktayer, Ugur Ozguc, Corporate Communication Manager of BEYSAD, Aysegul Koc, Project Manager of TRIA Consultancy, Ozra Peker, 3 officers from TTGV and officials from companies included within the team have attended the meeting as well as the young team of the IMMIB, which had contributed substantially for the study.   TTGV was present in this meeting as the institution that will research the determination step of the requirement analysis as it was the first phase of the project.

The meeting has started with the greeting speech as being hosted by Atilla Eren and has continued with general opinions of Besim Oktayer on behalf of the BEYSAD in relation to the  BEYSAD and with regards to the project. The has continued with presentation of IMMIB officials first in relation to the project following the introductory speeches and with presentations of Deniz Bayhan and Tulay Akarsoy from TTGV and of TTGV Chief Specialist, Mahmut Kiper.    

The White Appliance Supply Sector has a special importance in terms of its capacity of supporting the main industry as well as directly contributing to the sustainable export increase target of the country. One of the most important targets for the country because of the export based development model comes to the forefront as to reduce the current account deficit.  The main precaution to be taken in order to change the Foreign Trade Balance for the benefit of exports, is to reduce foreign source dependency of components used for the production. At this point; it becomes a requirement that the White Appliance Supply Sector should utilise its capacity better and overview improvement opportunities to be in line with avoiding cheap replacement products without quality entering to the country and to rescue our export capacity to be dependent on foreign sources, especially for the strategic components.

Reasons Behind the Project:

Training requirements arising in line with the rapid technological developments,
Lack of information about the developments taking place in the global markets,  
High levels of costs and risks related with individual ventures in new markets,  
Lack of communication with the supply industry itself and between the supply industry and the main industry,
Missing of opportunities for the export potential in terms of market diversification,
Continuation of being dependent on foreign sources for the strategic components.

Objective of the Project:

By bringing a marketing team together that is created by companies having activities within the sector with characteristics that they mutually complement each other;

• Strengthening of internal communication channels of companies that constitute the conglomerate,  
• Determination of training and consultancy requirements and elimination of these,
• Increase of market diversification and export capacities of companies,
• Provision of development of export strategies to be in line with a plan to be drawn within a mutual vision and utilisation of these.

It has been foreseen under the scope of the study to be performed by TTGV that requirement analysis would be made by allocating half a day for each of the companies included in the team and these meetings have been completed on 16th of February, 2012. Activities could conducted as a team under the below stated titles after reporting phase of these meetings have been completed.   

Commercial Committees
Market Visits Abroad
Conglomerate Presentation Activities
Exhibition Visits

(Amount of the Support: 150.000 $ Per Program, Support Percentage:75%, Maximum 5 Programs, Minimum Participation of 8 Companies)

In order that the project would be successful, it is a requirement in reality that all of the companies should work in teams as being in harmony with each other. We would like to thank to all of our companies which set off with this commitment and to the officials of IMMIB who have provided their support as effort and as finance.