Project Management Training

By the demand of Turkish Household Appliances Suppliers Team (TURKHAS) members,  a 2 day Project Management training has been organized  in foreign trade complex between 4-5 November 2013 by 9 authorities who are mostly involved in project engineering, r&d engineering and quality control executives from 6 companies. 

Participants, who are asked for focusing to their project, planning, analysing and offering a solution process, are worked with the experienced instructors who are specialized  in “White appliances Sub-Industry” and  “Automotive Sub-Industry”

As well as being the most useful training so far, according to the feedbacks, Project Implementation section by the team work was identified as useful part of the training . Also “Stress Management, “Time Management” and  “Effective Leading Management” trainings are demanded.  These educations will keep the attention to the URGE Project and  attendance to the educations.