A Group companies employ around 1700 people and have more than 135 million Euros turnover. Main  business areas are automotive and home appliances products, as well as aircraft, defense, LED lighting, servo  motor, CNC machine, electric bicycle, small home appliances sectors with more than 42 years of experience  supported with a strong R&D team. Our processes include metal machining, high pressure die casting, plastic  injection molding, blow molding, printing and painting over plastic parts, 3D plastic and metal printing,  assembly, mold making, synchronous motor manufacturing, SMD, R&D with various test laboratories. We  spend 4% of our turnover for R&D expenditures with 70 team members and in collaboration with major  Turkish universities. 


Bearing Sleeves, Shaft Groups, Milling Units, Brackets

Alpplas Endüstriyel Yatırımlar A.Ş., operates in the fields of plastic and electronic production and serves to  global companies with its solution partner and system supplier concept. Founded in 1989 and has expanded  its field of activity by establishing one of Turkey’s most modern electronic facilities in Istanbul with an  important investment in 2003. Alpplas has established the wet painting facility within the Bolu plant with the  increasing demand for cosmetic parts especially in white goods sector since 2005. In the beginning of 2010,  in line with increasing business volume and customer demands, plastic injection capacity was increased by  new plastic division in İstanbul plant. In 2013, the wet paint department was commissioned in Istanbul plastic  plant and integrated solutions were started to be offered in the production of cosmetic plastic parts. With the  investment realized in Bolu in 2015, an additional building with a closed area of 5.000 m2 was taken into  service and infrastructure needed for increasing business volume was provided. In 2016, the Electronic  Production Facility investment started in the Bolu location and the first production took place in June 2016  and with that the electronic production location in Alpplas doubled. Alpplas, which has been awarded many  times by the main industries it serves, has acquired ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 quality system  certificates in Bolu plant and ISO9001, TS16949, ISO14001 in Istanbul plant.


Knobs, Door Handles, Displays, Electronic Main Boards, Screens, Trays, Division Plates, Electronic Card Holders, Main Boards, LED Lighting Electronic Boards

Atasan has been manufacturing hinges at superior quality for household appliances since 1995. By using the  latest technologies, the company designs and manufactures hinges at its facility built on an area of 10,000  m2 in Sakarya. These hinges that are manufactured with an innovative vision are an important factor  allowing the household appliances industry to offer such products that make life simpler. Performing its  productions activities under a single roof, the company’s annual production capacity is nearly 20 million  original pieces including every product from tools to springs. The design of these products is planned down to  the last detail in terms of robustness and reliability. Highest level of customer satisfaction is aimed by the  control of each stage of the production process. Furthermore, continuous product development work carried  out in our R&D laboratory. Atasan has the international standard quality and technology achieved by ISO  9001:2015 certification. We are young, highly skilled, inspired people innovating new products to fulfill  customer’s needs in a most effective way.


Oven Door Hinges, Soft Close Hinges, Glass Lid Hinges, Light Door Hinges, Microwave and Midi Oven Hinges, Chest Freezer Hinges

ATM was established in 1987 and has celebrated its 30th anniversary this year. ATM is exporting 35% of its  products to 5 Continents. ATM has a high expertise in manufacturing Wire On Tube and Low Maintenance  Condensers for Coolers and also has patented Wire On Tube Condenser solutions to replace Cu/ALU Battery  Condensers bringing Low Maintenance advantage and decrease your Costs. ATM is a high-level engineering  Company to be able to produce tools and Tube Bending Machines and can solve your Cooling Cycle Problem  and to bring you cost advantages. Custom Tube fabrication is also another expertise of ATM. ATM is  fabricating several types and shapes of tubes used in Refrigerators, Air conditioners, Cookers and Boilers. 


• Engineering and Product Development. 

• Special Purpose Tool and Machine Production. 

• Expertise in Tube Bending, Resistance and Induction Welding Machines. 

• Custom Automation. 


Condenser,Condensing Units,Cooling Units,Copper Heat Exchanger Tubes,Plug-In Cooling Units,Wire On Tube Condensers

Basoglu Kablo ve Profil San ve Tic A.S. has been operating since 1990 in the industry, with experience gained  both national and international level which makes Basoglu A.S. the locomotive company in its sector.  Construction, White Good Industry, Lighting, Iron & Steel and Glass Industry, Automotive and Rail  Transportation, Mining Health, Food, Ship Building, Mechanical and Electrical Industries are the main sectors  we supply. 


Silicone, PVC, XLPE/XLPO and LSZH-FR Cables, Cable Harnessing, Silicone Compounds, Molded Gaskets & Extruded Profiles, Profile Gaskets & Gasket Harnessing, Indicating Lamps, Silicone Impregnated Fiberglass Braided Cable and Tubes

With a mission to provide benefit for the partners & community, Boyplast produces best quality parts /  assemblies and serves mainly to most reputable appliance producers both domestic and global for 15 years.  Besides it is a supplier for aerospace & military defence industries as well. Boyplast is not only a supplier but  also a complete solution provider/partner for the clients from the design phase, shares its own expertise and  experience with a dynamic and innovative team. Boyplast is continuously growing since establishment,  increase capacity and capability and also invest on new technologies.


Aesthetic & Visual Parts / Assemblies, Functional Parts, Appliance Doors / Door Parts, Handles, Water Dispanser / Water Tank Groups, Electronic Display / Communication Assemblies, Painted Parts, Printed Parts

Cam Merkezi is serving to glass industry since 1974 with 3 brands: Yorim, Yorsan, Yorglas. It is covering the  glass demands of households, appliances, commercial refrigeration under Yorim brand, decorative glass  under Yorglas brand and international glass trade under Yorsan brand. For household appliances, Yorim is  processing Oven Front Door Glass, Oven Inner Door Glass, Oven Lid Glass, Oven Control Panel Glass, Gas On  Glass, Refrigerator Shelf Glass, for commercial refrigeration processing insulated glasses and for decorative  glass market processes acid etched glass. Cam Merkezi is exporting to more than 50 countries and %25 of its  production. Yorsan is the international glass trade company which is making the sales of distribution  of float glass that is supplied from 70 float glass manufacturer to 800 customers with its supply chain web.


Oven Lid Glass, Oven Front Glass, Oven Control Panel Glass, Oven Inner Door Glass, Cooker Glass, Refrigerator Shelf Glass, Refrigerator Front Door Glass

De-Ka was founded in 1993. With its 2 production facilities based in Kocaeli and Manisa, and 65 Million power  cord sets capacity, De-Ka is the leading power cord set manufacturer in Europe and main supplier of Europe’s  nine out of ten biggest home appliances brands. DE-KA strengthens its leading position in Europe by applying  high quality standards as well as reliable deliveries, thanks to its well-educated and experienced team and  state of art full-automatic production lines. The dedication of De-Ka in continuous improvement results in  products & process development reflected to its distinguished customers as higher quality and price  optimisation. All products are guaranteed by the relevant standards e.g. HAR, VDE, TÜV, KEMA, ASTA, IMQ,  IRAM, DEKRA, TSE, SEV, QUEENSLAND, SII.


Power Cords with Plugs, Power Cords w/out Plugs, Cables, Single Wires

Erta was established in 1984 in Istanbul as a manufacturer and supplier of piezo igniters. In 1992, due to  growing demand, the company expanded its manufacturing plant and changed its name to Erta  Electromechanical Industries to reflect its expanding range of products and new vision. Since its  establishment, due to the vision and direction of its management, ERTA has become the leading supplier in  the Turkish market and increasingly serves an international market. ERTA’s aim is to be a major supplier not  only in Turkey but also in the world market, while selling high quality products at competitive rates. ERTA is a  registered firm to ISO 9001/2008 from TUV and the microswitches & electrical igniters are certified by IMQ.  100% of the Erta product portfolio have been RoHS compliant since August-2005.


Thermocouples, Electrical Igniters (Spark Generators), Electrodes (Ignition & Ionisation), Pilot Groups (Pilot Burners), Piezo Igniters, Gas Nozzles (Stamping & Drilling), Micro Switches

Esalba Inc. is one of the leading manufacturer of built-in kitchen appliances in Turkey. Tragen is Sales Office  and Brand Name of Esalba Inc. The company has been manufacturing metal parts and subcontractor of  house-hold appliances for more than 70 years in 42.000 m2 open and 12.000 m2 closed factory area with  30.000 ton flat metal sheet/year capacity. Since 2009, company focuses and shifts core business line to  production of innovative and high quality appliances in particular, built-in ovens, hobs and cooker hoods. Our  aim is to be a manufacturer: innovative, fast responding, fast fulfilling of market needs on relatively upper  segments of built-in ovens, hobs and cooker hoods within changing market demands. 


Oven Sheet Metal Part, Refrigerator Sheet Metal Part, Washing Machine Sheet Metal Part, Automotive Sheet Metal Part, Built-in Oven, Built-in Hobs

GENÇLER KABLO was founded in 1979 for the purpose of producing cable and wires. By the passed years for  to stabilize the quality and costs, decided on producing its own PVC Granules. In 1990 it invested on PVC  Granulator Machinery and added PVC Granules to its product range. 1990 was also the beginning year of  supplying cable and wires to House Hold Appliance Industry. Working with Appliance Industry led Gencler  Kablo to invest on Standards and Technology. In 1995 Gencler Kablo became the first domestic. 

Cable and Wire producer in Turkey with VDE certification. In 1996 the company started producing 90°C and  105°C heat resistant cable and wires with VDE certification. 2001 was the year of getting qualification of ISO  Certification from VDE Standards and also the year of investment for the Power Cords machinery. Power  Cord was the last member added to our product range in 2001. After many investment stages, factory  building located in Istanbul became insufficient for ideas on developing for future which finalized with the  Eskisehir Factory building investment in 2010. Investments kept on by machinery and equipments to new  location as power cord full lines and new injection moulding machines at the same year. 2013 was chosen  again as an investment year and finalized with new machinery and equipment investment for Cable and  Power Cord plant which was followed with 2015 and 2016 investment period at machinery. The main aim of  Gencler Kablo is to become the Leading and Teaching player in the sector. 


PVC Granule, Single Wire, Cable, Power Cords

Founded in 1998, ICM Technologies is currently the leader of LED illumination for commercial and household  refrigeration in Europe and Middle East. Our LED Modules have been installed on more than 10.000.000+  coolers globally and exported to 25 countries. Our products have IEC 62031, IEC 60598-1,UL 8750, IEC  60730-2-9, IEC 61347-2-13 and IEC 62471 approval. We serve Beko, Liebherr, Metalfrio, Fricon, Frigoglass,  Klimasan, Docriluc, Coreco, Fagor, Onnera, Vestel and other global brands. We are using Osram, Samsung  and Edison Opto LED with UL 8750 Approval and provide 5 years unlimited Warranty. We are specialized in  innovative Energy Saving Solutions for white appliances. We are glad to assure quality through years of solid  industrial experience with various patented and awarded solutions.


LED Module

Endel Industrial Products Group produces cable harnesses for different applications and products including  appliance for HVAC, automotive, commercial vehicles and construction machinery. Special assembly  operations can be performed for integrating harness with plastic and metal parts for easier assembly and  complete solutions for end customers. And furthermore produces condensers and dishwasher baskets; under  the brand name of Kabel and Bekel, which are domestic market leaders with over 40 years of experience  with  over than 2000 employees in a total area of 58.000 m2 (27.000 m2 indoor area) located in Eskişehir,  Ankara, Istanbul and Manisa. Endel Group aims to be the partner in tailor made solutions to its customers  starting from product design to finished goods. The Quality of our products are certified with fully equipped  systems according to customer requirements and ISO 9001, ISO / TS 16949: 2009, IRIS, certificates. Awarded  as the Best Global Supplier in Electrical category by B/S/H/ in 2014, Best Top 10 Suppliers by Arcelik Group in  2014 and Best Top 3 Suppliers by Arcelik 2016 as well.


To grow together with leader customers. 


Sustainable leadership in target sectors in global arena with competitive and innovative solutions. 


  Focus on Customer - Learn Innovate - Be Leader - Be Respected


Cable Harnesses, Cooling Condensers, Dishwasher Baskets

Karel is Turkey’s leading EMS manufacturer and R&D company for household appliance electronics. Karel’s  electronic board manufacturing is a field of activity that covers all processes from design to production where  Karel is a competitive company, providing services to leading global brands. One of the main strengths of  Karel, as one of the biggest and most experienced brands in the market, is its high quality production  capabilities and processes that realize international standards. We increase the reliability, speed, agility of  your processes with our approach for end to end supply chain and information management. We boost up  your competitiveness by protecting you from inefficiencies and losses. Karel can provide flexible services  both in turn-key projects from design to logistics and in selected processes in accordance with the  requirements of the customer. And, this allows Karel to provide services for customers with different profiles  in different projects for different requirements. KAREL EMS reserves 10% of its annual turnover to R&D  activities. KAREL EMS R&D activities are performed at the Cyberpark in Bilkent University at the moment. Our  R&D department applies formal project management procedures and uses state-of-the-art design and testing  equipment for household appliance boards & modules. KAREL has BVQI ISO-9001 (2008 revision), ISO-14001  certificate and has attained CMMI 3rd Stage for advanced project management and total quality  management. 


Electronic Control & Display Modules for Washing Machines, Electronic Control & Display Modules for Dishwashers, Electronic Control & Display Modules for Cookers, Electronic Control & Display Modules for Dryers, Electronic Control & Display Modules for Refrigerators, Electronic Control Modules for Vacuum Cleaners, Electronic Control & Display Modules & Remote Control Units for Air Conditioners, Electronic Control & Display Modules for Instant Heaters, Oven Timer Modules

PROMET Metal Inc. was established in Istanbul 1980, and then moved its plant to Bolu in 1993. It is one of the  leader firms in Turkey on household supplier industry. Being the first builder of flat wire pan supports in  Turkey, on 18.000 m2 in its new establishment, the company is collaborating with the leading companies of  the sector. Since 1980, PROMET Metal Inc. is responding the changing needs and design trends of the industry  in a flawless manner. Company has upgraded the ISO 9002 Quality Certificate received in 1998 to the  updated version ISO 9001:2000 in 2001. Thus ROHS certificate, which updates every year, is also a proof to  its submaterial quality.


Pan Supports, Oven Grills and Accessories, Electrostatic Enamel Coating, Pressing and Manufacturing Sheet Metal Parts 

Everything started with the idea of sorting and recycling textile waste for Punteks and the  company was established in 1995. In 2006, Punteks invested a nonwoven production line with a capacity of  1.000 tons/month. This nonwoven line employs the latest technology and is able to produce felt between 500  g/m² to 3000 g/m². Production line can produce felt by thermobonding (bonding of fibers by low melt fibers  like polypropylene or polyester bicomponent.) These felts can be used in household appliances, automotive,  furniture and construction sectors. Established on 30.000 m² land with 12.000 m² factory area, Punteks is  exporting almost 50% of its production to 21 countries. Punteks is offering a global partnership to all its  customers. In our state of the art, Punteks’ laboratory has capability to perform most of tests that are  required by all sectors mentioned. Punteks is certified by TUV Rheinland with ISO 9001:2000 at 12.02.2007  and continues to renew this certificate each year. Punteks is deeply concerned with understanding current  needs and expectations of our sector and customers. Punteks always follows the technology and changing  needs of the sector and customers. Since 1995, Punteks offers consistent quality to its customers and strive  to improve the quality that it provides to its business partners. Therefore Punteks’ strategy is to keep its  quality, trust and customer satisfaction at top importance. These three conditions are the most important  musts for Punteks.



Rotech Motor Technologies was established in Istanbul in order to manufacture a wide range of AC motors,  fans and blowers as well as ECM Motors with the road of customer needs. These are supplied to customers  worldwide for use in heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment, as well as ECM Motors  which are brushless motors. The common component of all our clients is their need for high quality,  technically advanced products, designed to meet very exacting requirements, coupled with availability at  short notice and low cost. Rotech Motor has established a reputation for meeting these criteria and satisfying  customer demands. Every year, the production capacity and the customer variance increases with a  sustainable growth. Rotech Motor Technologies with their well experienced stuff and engineers, will continue  to be listening customer needs and market needs and go further with a sustainable route.


Oven Fan Motors, Cooling Fan Motors, No-Frost Cooling Fan Motors, ECM Motor (80-10) Energy Saving, Evaporative Fan Motors, Motor Accessories, Mini Oven Fan Motors

San Metal is the producer of Burner System Components for Gas Stoves, Hobs, Freestanding Cookers. Since it  was founded in 1994, San Metal has extended its quality, commitment and innovation around the globe, and  has been providing solution partnership to main industries, notably to white goods sector. 


Enamelled (Sheet Metal) Burner Caps/Lids (1,5mm - 2mm - 3mm - 4mm - 5mm), Enamelled (Sheet Metal) Burner Pan Supports, Enamelled (Sheet Metal) Burner Holder Plates, Aluminum Burner Injector Holders, Aluminum Burner Flame Spreaders, Aluminum Coffee Machine Cups, Hob Glass Hinges, Stove Door Hinges, Other Steel Components

Sipil Group has started activities with Sipil Construction in 1984 in Manisa and is keeping on activities with  Plastics, Steel and Energy. Sipil Construction aims to provide a wide range of services within the scope of  industrial structure production, and starting with the design and project planning processes. Until today it has  completed almost 150 industrial structure’s steel, conventional, prefabricated carrier systems, mechanical  and electrical installation projects, all kinds of infrastructure and automation systems, decoration and  landscaping applications in the manner of a turnkey project through contemporary, scientific, technological  engineering solutions, that make up more than 700.000 square meters of space. Sipil Steel keeps on  production activities of the constructional steel at an indoor area of 10.000m² with 1.000 tons/month  capacity. Sipil Steel has acquired the EN 1090:2 quality certificate and is able to carry out EXC3 production  process with its experienced and expert employees. Sipil Steel has recently broadened its product range with  stainless steel projects and has focused its equipment and plant investments on series welded production of  Automative and Machinery parts since 2013. All fit-up and welding templates are manufactured inhouse and  developed with customers starting from R&D phase. Sipil Plastic, keeps on the production activities at Manisa  and Eskişehir factories with 63 plastic injection machines and 600 tons/per month capacity. 


Plastic injection Parts for Appliances

TECASA is an electrical components manufacturer which is specialized on manufacturing and sales of  electrical capillary thermostats and capillary sensing elements. From the date it started production in 1981, its  target has always been to maintain sustainable growth and to continuously improve its service quality and  customer satisfaction in line with this growth. TECASA’s capacity was increased after the plant in Bursa was  established in 1999 and it started to serve as a supplier to household appliances manufacturers in Turkey and  its neighborhood countries. TECASA’s high quality products are produced in automated lines. As TECASA, its  objective for being established is to present its products in European standards to the domestic producers by  providing them logistic and price advantages. Being a Spanish origin company, it is an elating achievement  not only being the first to manufacture capillary current electrical thermostat in Turkey but also being the  first company to import the product from outside Turkey and to sell in domestic market. .


Thermostat, Capillary Circuit in Thermostat 

Technocast provides services as an OEM/ODM supplier to its business partners in small domestic appliances  sector. Technocast manufactures products mainly for facilities in vacuum cleaner, hot beverage preparation  and kitchen appliances categories. The manufacturing facility is located in Tekirdag/TURKEY. Technocast has  been established in 2002 with the main business of alloy wheel trade and manufacturing. In 2010 the  company moved to its new manufacturing facility in Cerkezkoy/Tekirdag and made investment in plastic  injection area besides wheel manufacturing. Since then, operations run in Cerkezkoy Industrial Trade Zone at  3 different locations, on a total indoor area of 15.000m2 with +400 employees. Being located 80 km west of  Istanbul, Turkey, Technocast has a very easy access to all EU countries in very short delivery time capability.  Technocast has an integrated engineering and production capacity, carries out all product development and  production phases from industrial and mechanical design to assembly under the same roof. With an  experienced R&D, Project management and production team; the company can execute the full project and  production management in-house. Technocast provides services to the industry leaders both in and outside  of Turkey with an extensive range from design and product development to mold manufacturing, plastic  injection, pad/screen printing, painting and assembly works. 


Vacuum Cleaners (Stick and Canister), Hot Beverage Preparation Appliances (Coffee Machine, Tea Machine), Kitchen Appliances (Chopper, Blender), Plastic Injection Products

TKS Company was established to produce terminals, end splices, plastic connectors, insulation housings and  inserts. It is serving to white goods companies, small house hold appliances companies, electric-electronic  sectors and automotive industry. The company has evaluated positive response and created its interior  technical team and opened R&D, Quality control and Tooling departments and by increasing the product  quality even more widened the product range. TKS Company’s mission is to understand its costumers’ needs  and offer them most suitable solutions in order to provide advantages in terms of innovation and  competitiveness. By making international market researches, it has been exporting products to USA, Italy,  Colombia, Russia, Ukraine, Macedonia, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Hungary, Iran, Iraq and  Algeria.


Terminals, Connectors, Sleeves, Plug Insert (2.5 amp., 10 amp., 16 amp., Schuko Plug)

AN-EL Electrical Components Company has been founded in 1972 which is today located in the eastern side of Istanbul City. Since its foundation, AN-EL has been effective in producing rotary switch, rocker switch, slide switch and signal lamps for household goods industry and electrical equipment in general. The company’s aim is always to meet customer’s requests at the highest level of quality and service. AN-EL is dealing with the leading companies in the home appliances sector. Its main customers are ELECTROLUX, VESTEL, ARÇELİK, INDESIT, CANDY, ROBERT THOMAS, GLEN DIMPLEX GROUP, MARQUARDT, GORENJE, MORA, MONDIAL, COTHERM and several other local manufacturers. All of its products have ENEC-VDE approval and EN-ISO 9001:2008 certificates for its systems. All AN-EL productions are supported by CAM technology. Its experience in mold designing and production gained a high performance in molding process since the company’s goal is to achieve technological perfection upon the customers’ requests. AN-EL’s target is to be the leader in quality and realizes the approaching according to the economical and technical requirements.



Rotary Switch, Commutator, Rocker Switch, Door Switch for Refrigerator, Slide Switch, Switch,  Indicator and Signal Lamp

The journey of BALORMAN started with timber production in the wood industry in 1958 and continued with wooden furniture production and raw material import in later years. Large volumes of log have been imported from Chile, South Africa, New Zealand, USA, Scandinavian and Baltic countries, Russia and Ukraine since 1985. Bolu facilities came into operation in 1990s to make wooden and plastic component production for the appliance goods industry. BALORMAN commenced producing table top for the white goods industry late in 1990s. Investments in plastic injection plant and table top grouping lines were completed in 2000s and BALORMAN switched to producing grouped table top as a component. Long years of know-how in the wood industry in both production and raw material import with the ancillary industry culture developed, paved the way to commence wooden pallet production in BALORMAN. The factory spans over 37,000 m² outdoor and 14,500 m² indoor area and produces table tops, wooden packaging materials and wooden pallets. Currently, 9 million table tops of which 3 million are grouped table tops are being produced on annual basis. It renders services in the field of wooden pallet with a wide service network consisting of 35 suppliers spreading over various regions in Turkey as well as pallet handling centers in Çayırova, İzmir, Adana, Çatalca, İzmit and Tekirdağ.


Table Top, Pallet, Packaging, White Goods Table Top, Wooden Pallet and Packaging Material

ELCAB Kablo was established in 1998 and ever since, has achieved great improvements for its targets to be the leader in its sector. In 6000m2 covered area it serves for home appliances, small household appliances, industrial kitchen, textile, electrical & electronics, automotive, ship construction, rail transport, aviation and lighting system sectors. About 50% of its turnover has been generated by exporting to 42 different countries all over the World. ELCAB has quality system certificate of TSE ISO 9001-2008. The company’s products are produced accordingly with VDE, BSI, CE and GOST-R quality certificates and conforms to ROHS and REACH regulations. The facility occurs with 5 different production plants integrated with each other. In ELCAB premises; silicone cable, fiberglass cables, silicone profiles, silicone tubes, multi core silicone cables, iron cords, PVC cables, multi core PVC cables, hot mold bumpers, wire harnesses, gasket assembling, signal lamps harnessing, and power cord are produced. As a company of having continuous targets by focusing its customers, to invest for quality environment and human is the guarantee of its future.


Power Cord, Silicone Cable, Fiberglass Silicone Cable, Silicone Profile, Silicone Gasket, Silicone Tube  and Wire Harness

FORMYAY is a spring manufacturing company currently providing springs, wireforms and band clips to several industrial sectors including home appliances, automotive, defense equipment and electronics, agricultural structures, sports equipment, medical devices and all other niche markets. Since 1994, the company has been developing to utilize machines, raw materials and manpower to serve its customers with best quality at the best price. FORMYAY products were certified by TSE (Turkish Institute for Standards) in 1998. Also, the company had been accredited by TUV MANAGEMENT SERVICE on June 29, by ISO 9000-2008 certificate.


Compression Spring, Torsion Spring, Extension Spring, Wire Form, Band Clip and Spring

HATKO Electronics has been established in 1969 and has joined to HATKO Technical Equipment, Representation and Trading Inc. in 1988. HATKO Group of Companies is represented in different Branches such as International iron & steel trading, Defense industry, Tool manufacturing, Metal and plastic processing industry, Yacht Tourism, Aquaculture, International partnerships, Coal and steel industry, Shipbuilding, Railway equipment. The company has 103 employees, with a production area of 2,400 m2. The company’s products are standard and special type terminals and receptacles, housings, connectors and sleeves, crimping tools and machines. HATKO serves to Household Appliances, Automotive Industry, Communication and Consumer electronics markets. The company has Quality certificate of ISO 9001:2008 as well as VDE and UL tested product groups, TSEK (Turkish Standards Institute) in product technical quality, GOST-R Russian product technical quality standards and RoHS conformity.


Standard and Special Type Terminal, Standard and Special Type Receptacle, Terminal, Receptacle,  Housing, Connector, Sleeve, Crimping Tool and Crimping Machine

NBR was founded in Bursa in 1987 by Ercan and Erhan Konuk. NBR got acquainted with world’s leading refrigerator manufacturers by producing No Frost evaporator, heat exchangers, serpentine, aluminum tubes and it’s fittings, door handles, built-in door and control panels for cookers, condensers, dryer condensers for dryer machine, aluminum tube defrost heaters for no-frost evaporator and Silicon cable heaters stuck on aluminum sheet with bonded back side. The product range that has been built up through developing and expanding thereof own appertaining machinery and equipment production with mould and mould manufacture in a short time in order to ensure well responded customer requirements.


Condenser, Evaporator, Tube, No Frost Evaporator, Aluminum Tube, Dryer Condenser for Dryer  Machine, Aluminum Tube Defrost Heater, Door Handle, Dryer Condenser and Serpentine

ODSEL was established in 2003 as EMS company to supply electronic boards and sub assemblies to White Goods and Small Appliance manufacturers. ODSEL’s expertise is in R&D, Sourcing and Manufacturing of control boards for washing machines, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, coolers, ovens and electronic sub assemblies of toasters, mixers, coffee machines and small home appliances as well as customized solutions like LED lighting for appliances. Facilities are located in Izmir on west coast of Turkey and easily accessed by sea, air and land transport. ODSEL has several SMD lines and RoHS compliant production processes with high capacity for supporting mass production. Nearby strong and low cost subcontracting sites are among ODSEL’s competitive advantages.


Control Board for Washing Machine, Control Board for Oven, Control Board for Refrigerator, Control  Board for Small Home Appliance, Electronic Control Board, Control Board, Control Board for Vacuum  Cleaner, Control Board for Cooler, Electronic Sub Assemblies of Toaster, Electronic Sub Assemblies of  Mixer, Electronic Sub Assemblies of Coffee Machine, Electronic Sub Assemblies of Small Home  Appliance and Electronic Sub Assemblies

REM Electronics has been established in İzmir in 1993 for the production of Remote Control Units. Today, REM with 50 employees in total area of 5,000 m2 in Manisa has been giving Electronics Manufacturing Services with ISO 9001-2000 and C.E. certificates. The production of Electronic Controllers and Sub-System Modular Equipment has begun in 1997 and has been continuing with increasing volume every year. The products which are produced with newest production technologies are tested 100% with ICT test system and then delivered. So, all products are reliable to be used in confidence. Since 1999, with the establishment of Research and Development Center, REM has the capability for integrated solutions for all its business partners for designing and Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS). Digital Timers, Digital Tuners, Speed Control Units for DC Motor Fans, AC Motor Control Units, Digital Heat Control Systems, Infrared and RF Remote Control Units, Sub-System Modular Equipments are some of the products of REM and with this wide range of solutions it has been cooperating with the main industries such as Consumer Electronics, Domestic Home Appliances, Automotive Industries and Electronics Manufacturing Services.


Digital Timer, Digital Tuner, Speed Control Unit for DC Motor Fan, Speed Control Unit, AC Motor  Control Unit, Digital Heat Control System, Infrared Remote Control Unit and RF Remote Control Unit

TEKNOPARK Company has over 35 years of experience in die casting and machining. It has over 100 employees with 8,500 m2 closed area and daily 14 tones of melting and casting capacity. The company’s corporate philosophy is to be a service provider company with innovate solutions, sharing its know-how. TEKNOPARK can produce aluminium parts starting from 50 grams to 5000 grams. TEKNOPARK Company has been awarded by 16949 certificates.


Power Cord with Plug, Fan Motor, Pulley, Shaft, Bearing Case, Hinge, Engine Cover, Cable Group and  Cable with Plug

TURAŞ Gaz as a family company started its activities to produce various vending machine parts at 50 m2 closed area located in Emek Street, Istanbul, Sishane. Late in 1970s, the growing company gave a start to “gas valve” production sector, in which they would be the prominent manufacturers in the world and a leader in Turkey in upcoming years. In 2008, the factory moved to Silivri and renewed the manufacturing park and the laboratory by using the latest technology production and test equipments. Also, gas burners for domestic cooking appliances have been added to product range. In 2011, TURAŞ decided to get the laboratory accredited as a result of increment of quality expectation of household appliance manufacturers in the world and in Turkey and requirement of products to meet national and international standards. As a result of long and meticulous studies, TURAŞ Laboratory accredited with the AB-0557-T accreditation number in August 17th, 2012. The tests for gas valves (within the scope of accreditation), gas valve members, gas burners and quality control of raw materials are being done at TURAŞ Laboratory.


Burner, Gas Valves and Gas Valves Accessories