South Africa Trade Delegation

“TURKHAS (Turkish Household Appliances Suppliers) Team” project is being carried out by TET (Electrical and Electronics Exporters' Association) with 22 companies operating in the sector. Within the scope of the relevant project, a trade delegation to Cape Town and Durban cities of the Republic of South Africa was organized with the participation of 13 company representatives from 10 member companies of the team between 24-29 September 2017. First, a “Market Information Meeting” was held in Cape Town with the participation of Cape Town Chamber of Commerce. Then a retail tour was organized in order to examine closely the household apppliances trends in the country and to see the dominating brands of the market. In the second part of the program, the delegation travelled to Durban in order to visit facilities of two local and global household manufacturer companies (Whirlpool and Defy). Bilateral business meetings were organized simultaneously during the facility visits.

A total of 30 B2B meetings were held with an average of 3 meetings per company.