Iran Trade Delegation

Within the scope of TURKHAS Team project, we organized a trade delegation combined with fair participation in Iran with 14 of our project member companies. Iran was the first target market according to the result of the “Needs Assessment Report” prepared at the beginning of this project.

On the first day of the event, we held a meeting at our Turkish Tehran Embassy. Our Commercial Counselor gave our team a brief information about Iranian social and economic life, market, trade volume and business oppostunities. On the second day, facility visits and concurrently bilateral business meetings were held in Pars Appliances and Himalia, the biggest local white goods producers in Iran. In the following days, we participated at “Tehran Household Appliances 2016” Fair at a stand with Turkey concept. As a result, each Turkish company had the opportunity to meet with an average of 22 dealers and conducted an average of 6 B2B meetings with potential to bring a positive result. 301 B2Bs were made totally and 82 of these are described as having potential.  

Our delegation visit gave us the opportunity to get valuable impressions about Iran's market depth and producer diversity. We think that it is important for Turkish producers to closely follow the Iranian market, which will grow rapidly. The local component supply in Iran will be mainly seeking for global standards with the growth of the market.