Brazil Pre-Delegation

A meeting was organised on 14th of July at 11:00 hours with Commercial Attache for Brazil, Mr Ramazan Kısa in the Hyatt Hotel. Discussions had been held about the program during the meeting after getting information about the general situation of Brazil and the expectations of the delegation has been conveyed.

Hill & Knowlton
A meeting was held on 15th of July, Monday with the international PR and consultancy company of Hill & Knowlton. Talks had been held during the meeting, where Daniel Medina and Daniela Beatriz from the company of Hill & Knowlton have attended, about presentation and awareness activities that could be carried out before the visit of the main delegation

A meeting was held with the authorities of the World Trade Centre in their own office. Mutual expectations had been put forward during the meeting, where Sergio Minaorone Flho and Luan Townsend were present on behalf of the WTC. The company has conveyed information about the services they provide. Discussions had been held about topics of matchmaking and the organisation.

Frost & Sullivan
A meeting was held with Guillerme Gomes and Alessandra Lancellotti from company of Frost & Sullivan, from which reporting services about the South American Market is obtained about the White Appliances Supply Industry, at Hyatt Hotel.

Comments had been made about the pre-report obtained from the company during the meeting and additional issues that are requested to be included in the final report has been conveyed over to the company.

FIESP (Industrialists Federation of State of Sao Paulo)

A meeting was held with the participation of Co-President of Business Council of Turkey and Brazil, Elias Haddad and coordinator of Association of White Appliance Manufacturers (Eletros), Luis Zanardi. Some important information about the market of Brazil has been obtained during the meeting, where mutual presentations have been made. Terms and conditions behind entering the South American market and mutual expectations were on the agenda. Following the meeting, a lunch has been hosted by Mr Elias Haddad in the building of Fiesp.

Ameeting was held with the owner of tourism and organisations company of TurcoBras, Melih Altunturk.

Discussions had been held about the state of Brazil and about the organisation of the main delegation.

ABINEE (Association of Electric and Electronic Manufacturers of Brazil)
A meeting was held together with Chairman of ABINEE, Association of Electric and Electronic Manufacturers of Brazil, Humberto Barbato, Director Dario Roberto and Foreign Trade Director, Mario Roberto.

Presentations have been watched following the briefing about the delegation and discussions have been held about what kind of cooperation could be established.

It has been decided to mutually send product lists by Brazil and Turkey in the near future and to establish topics of the cooperation.

Whirlpool Brazil
Central office of company of Whirlpool located in Sao Paulo has been visited.

Drawings of products have been requested from the authorities of Whirlpool before the main delegation, which is presumed to arrive in November, during the meeting attended by authorised persons of purchasing and supply departments of the company, after mutual expectations have been discussed. It has been decided that these drawings should be shared with companies within our organisation and information about pre-prices should be submitted.

An assessment meeting was organised with Mr Ramazan, Attache of Sao Paulo. Expectations with regards to the date and organisation of the visit of the main delegation had been discussed.


Note: Deputy Attache of Sao Paulo, Turgut Tabak has accompanied all of the meetings organised by the delegation.

Prospectuses, which informs about our Association and the UR-GE team and which has been prepared for this delegation, has been submitted to authorities of companies and institutions during all of the meetings that had taken place.