Turkish Household Appliances Suppliers Team (TURKHAS) is a marketing cluster, which has been brought into the life with the support of Ministry of Trade on the date of 11.03.2016. The project is carried out by Turkish Electro Technology Exporters’ Association (TET) and it consists of 23 leading appliance manufacturing companies, where all of them are also members of The White Goods Suppliers’ Association (BEYSAD). The aim of this Cluster Project is to support cluster members to expand overseas and gain recognition in foreign markets by organizing trade & investment missions and participations at international fairs.

The Mission of the Cluster is to support cluster members expand their markets in the overseas areas, to support their recognition and internationalization endavour and to increase competetiveness of its members through networking and information sharing and collective work.

The Objectives of the Cluster are as follows:

Maintining a sound management structure with excellence

Supporting Cross-regional and cross-sectoral cooperation in household appliaces

Collaborating with industrial Technology centers, universities and other industrial associations to promote a smart specialization model.

Establishing and joining sound partnership mechanisms ranging from Assembly-Line to Original Design and Technology

Cluster Management Team:
Name Surname Position Telephone Email
Banu Altın ECCP Responsible Person +902124541872
Fatma Soyer Internationalisation Responsible +902124541897
Hande Bargu Celayir Cluster Manager +902124541729
Dilara Meşe Cluster Manager +902124541065

Our team offers:

High-quality products w/acceptable prices

Highly-skilled professionals

Adaptation to local regulations

And our team is open for:


Investment opportunities